Hi. I’m Daniel, the creator of Skull Narrative. On this blog I’ll be exploring the most interesting ideas and narratives rattling around our collective skulls. I’ll be digging deep into the stories we tell ourselves as well as the dreams we keep quiet about. The content I share is intended to provoke your imagination while inspiring you to live an empowered life.

I’m a lover of stories. I love to read them, write them, watch them, hear them and tell them. My love of narratives along with a desire to improve my self has lead me to begin an adventure set to explore the following things:

  • What narratives do we tell ourselves that prevent us from succeeding?
  • What beliefs do successful people hold that allow them to excel?
  • What strategies or concepts can we adopt in order to be successful ourselves?

Along this journey I hope to connect with fellow explorers to create a narrative that impacts the world.