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Ingrid Goes West – Movie Review


Ingrid Goes West pulls a quiet dystopian film out of the cold dead hands of a social media addict. One clutching a smart phone, of course.

Ingrid Goes Insane…

Aubrey Plaza plays the title character to perfection embodying the wreckage left when depression and awkwardness meet in a head-on collision. Ingrid travels to California to stalk an Instagram “celebrity”. This photogenic princess, Taylor Sloane, played by Elizabeth Olsen, seems to have a picture perfect life at first glance, and Ingrid wants in.

California Dreaming

After getting settled in California and renting an apartment from Batman obsessed screenwriter Dan Pinto (O’Shea Jackson Jr.). Ingrid sets out to enter Taylor’s life in the most sociopathic fashion. The two ladies meet through a sequence of events that plays as a National Lampoon rendition of Single White Female.

Depressed, Obsessed To Instagram Fresh

All of Ingrid’s dreams seem to come true as she begins to live the life she always wanted. No longer living vicariously through others, she becomes an Instagram “star” herself. But the dream may turn into a nightmare when Taylor’s brother, Nicky, pays a visit. Played by Billy Magnussen, Nicky begins disrupting Ingrid’s plans of endless cocktails and selfies. The result is a twisted yet funny dive into the dark side of society’s current social media obsession.


Aubrey Plaza owns her role. Elizabeth Olsen gracefully exhibits the unstable mixture of conceit and insecurity that sit at her character’s core. O’Shea Jackson Jr. brings to life the only likable personality in the mix. His character, Dan Pinto, contrasts everyone else’s vapidness with genuineness. Billy Magnussen brings to life an unsettling villain that while more composed, is just as crazy as Ingrid herself.

Hit The Like Button

This film offers an unapologetic and biting satire of the current social media craze with performances that that inspired me to hit the “like” button. Check it out.

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