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Logan Lucky Review

Steven Soderbergh returns to the box office with his latest offering Lucky Logan, a fun summer film brimming with nuanced performances and enough humor to keep a perpetual smile on your face.

The film stars Channing Tatum as a construction worker repairing the infrastructure of a Nascar racetrack. While preventing sink holes from swallowing the infield of the track, he loses his job due to a preexisting medical condition. With a charming daughter to take care of and no source of income he decides to hatch a robbery plan with his brother played by Adam Driver.

The brothers, hardly criminal masterminds despite hints at juvenile delinquency in the past, visit an incarcerated explosives expert played by Daniel Craig and convince him to join in on an unconventional heist . With nothing much to lose the brothers enlist the help of their no-nonsense sister, Riley Keogh, and a pair of comically moralistic brothers, Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson, to carry out their ambitious plan of robbing the racetrack. What follows then is an unglamorous but sophisticated attempt at a heist that has the potential to go off the rails at any moment as shit happens, and then shit happens again.

The film itself, other than its Nascar setting, can be categorized as a simple heist film. In spirit, it’s a poor man’s version of Ocean’s 11. Viewers of the movie will understand this is meant as a compliment rather than a dig. Rebecca Blunt’s script is not lacking. This is a high quality film with writing that is understated but concise. While the script likely won’t win any awards, it’s the foundation of a timeless gem that any movie fan will be prone to revisit with multiple viewings for years to come. Great acting, Soderbergh’s finesse behind the camera, and the overall charm of the story make this a truly enjoyable film.

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