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Book Review: Show Your Work Book by Austin Kleon

Show Your Work Review


Show Of A Lifetime

Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work is a quick yet impactful read. It’s bursting at the seams with inspiration. I spent an afternoon reading it, yet I will benefit from it’s message for a lifetime.

In addition to his previous book Steal Like An ArtistShow Your Work is a release creatives will savor.

Some may think this book is light on content, yet the opposite is true. Brisk and clear writing make for an easy and enjoyable read. Rather than feeling shortchanged I felt like I got a bargain. Some people spend more on a cup of coffee then they would on this neat little book. Kleon elaborates on the title with timeless wisdom encouraging creators to be fearless in sharing the underbelly of their creative process.

You don’t really find an audience for your work; they find you.

Sharing Is Daring

By sharing our creative process, we can build communities with a sort of real time behind the scenes glimpse into how artists go to work. Therefore creators can connect with their most fervent and curious fans. So rather than idly taking in the pyramids, Kleon asks us to participate in their day to day construction.

While focusing on telling good stories we can make a positive impact with our work.

Show Your Vulnerable Side

This of course leads us to be vulnerable as artists. Austin has some solid advice on how to navigate the problems that arise when fleeting moments get fall into the permanency of the world wide web. If you show work in progress you may be vulnerable. But it's worth it.

With online avatars, scripted moments passing as “reality”, Show Your Work asks us to strip away our collective facades and be honest. And rather than building temples built on a foundation of guile, we can construct organic communities built on a framework of humility.

We don’t need to shroud hard work doesn’t need to be shrouded in mystery.

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